Ahs Confidentiality Agreement Norquest

Email a copy of your card to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. Students in other programs are responsible for the costs associated with masked pass tests. Once the tests are complete, send a copy of your documentation to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. Once the module is complete, sign the confidentiality and user agreement and submit a copy of the signed agreement to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. Some programs require you to take an injury prevention course like It`s Your Move (XHLT 1070) before the start of the WIL (internship) experience. You must obtain a graduation certificate within one year from the start of the WIL experience (internship). Email a copy of your certificate to FHCStodolist@norquest.ca. If you have any questions about receiving your BLS/CPR certification or renewing, contact FHCStodolist@norquest.ca.