Agreement For Caretaker Of Property

These agreements require the concierge to monitor the performance of contractors directly mandated by the organization of all members of the company. The janitor`s remuneration is also fixed and is generally subject to annual CPI increases and market controls. Logically, the janitor`s remuneration is much lower than under a “do” agreement. “Do” agreements are inflexible because obligations and remuneration cannot be changed over the life of the term unless there is an agreement between the janitor and the organization on a change in the terms of the contract. “Do” Agreements A “do” agreement is a care agreement in which the concierge is responsible for carrying out the tasks (either personally or by the employees) at the janitor`s expense. These agreements have a defined mission plan that the janitor must complete for a specified fee. Compensation is generally subject to annual INCREASES in the CPI and the agreement often provides for market control prices every three or five years. The key to these agreements is to ensure that care costs are properly set at the beginning of the agreement. If that is not true, there will be problems. If the pay is too low, the janitor will often look for ways to reduce the obligations to make the deal profitable.

If the pay is too high, the organization will be unhappy and the janitor will be under constant pressure to do more work or increase the frequency of service delivery to justify the fee. Sometimes the organization will even look for ways to get out of the agreement if the owners think the right deal is fundamentally unfair. In addition, almost all states in Australia have laws on teams that resurrect developers to enter into only contracts that are in the best interest of a company. There is a much more logical argument for the organization that enters into a 25-year “surveillance contract” over a 25-year “do” contract. The supervisory agreements let the commission control expenses and let the manager make money from the lease – where he should make his income. These agreements often remove the warmth of the relationship between the body company and the concierge.