What Is A Pet Protection Agreement

Although many people consider their pets and animal companions to be family members, they often don`t think about what will happen to their pets if they die or become disabled. Unfortunately, if you don`t properly plan for a pet`s care, it can be placed in an animal shelter where it could potentially be euthanized. California (and many other states) allows pet owners to create pet trusts and pet protection agreements to ensure the care of their beloved pets in the event of death or disability. These agreements can help elderly or disabled owners and their pets stay together and ensure that animals are well cared for in the event of death or disability. Have you thought about what happens to your cat when you get sick or unable to work and have to move to a care facility or die unexpectedly? Did you make permanent arrangements for your cat after you left? Write an agreement. If you don`t want to establish a pet trust, identify one or more caregivers and write an agreement that this person will take care of your pet after you die or your inability to care for your pet on their own. The biggest advantage over a pet trust is its relatively affordable price (you don`t have to pay a lawyer for it). Be sure to discuss this with the appointee first. You can use a standard pet protection agreement form with www.LegalZoom.com.

It costs between $39 and $79 – or you can write the letter yourself, have it signed by you and the caregiver, and have it notarized. Make sure your veterinarian, caregiver, and close family members have a copy of this agreement so they know who to give your dog to if something happens to you. To choose between a pet protection agreement and a pet trust, choose a pet protection agreement if you can`t afford to pay for a lawyer, as you`ll need a lawyer to draft a pet trust. However, if you can afford a lawyer, you may want to opt for a pet trust, as it offers more protection to your pet. This is a private agreement between the pet owner and the pet`s caregiver. You can leave money to take care of your pets, but it`s optional. Like a pet trust, the Pet Protection Agreement (R) doesn`t need to go through a probate court, which can take months if you`ve died. No one wants the court to decide the fate of a pet. In general, the will of a pet owner should be drafted in such a way that the ownership of the pet passes to the death of the owner. In addition, pet trusts and pet protection agreements must be developed to ensure that the pet is properly cared for in the event of the owner`s inability and/or inability to properly care for the pet.

If you don`t have money to establish and maintain a trust, identify one or more caregivers and draft an agreement identifying the person(s) who will care for your pet when you die or when you will no longer be able to continue caring for your pet. .