Telework Agreements

Supervisors have a margin of discretion in deciding whether an employee is a candidate for telework. Some employees may not be allowed due to certain job requirements, impact on a team, or performance issues. When assessing the application, the supervisor must find that the employee can effectively perform the duties of the position during telework. The supervisor must also note that the telework agreement complies with the rules, directives and collective agreements in force. If departments choose not to insure themselves, the telework allowance should indicate whether the department or staff bears the risk of loss. Any loss or deterioration of university equipment must be immediately reported to the teleworker`s supervisor. The loss of university equipment is also reported in an inventory control report (see BPPM 20.50). == General Services Administration (GSA) provides guidance for the implementation and operation of telework and other alternative employment programs through the efficient and effective use of information technology and telecommunications. In addition, the GSA provides fundamental recommendations for the equipment and support that an agency can provide to staff. Occasional telework: Occasional telework requests are approved on a case-by-case basis, are rare and are not regularly scheduled. The authorization must be documented, which can be done by e-mail. * Note that personal attendance requirements may terminate telework arrangements. Supervisors should discuss these cases with staff (for example.

B practical training). Telework refers to an agreement where an employee works from home or another location outside the usual workplace. According to the terms of the agreement, telework represents either part of the worker`s working time or the entire working time. The security and confidentiality of academic documents must also be preserved. Sensitive data should not be stored on a PC or device, but be retrieved via secure remote access technology. The worker is covered by the work allowance for work-related injuries that occur during and in the extent of employment during telework. If the home is the intended place of work, the work allowance does not apply to non-work-related injuries that occur in the dwelling. An employee whose work is primarily located in another state may demand site-specific workers` compensation. Contact Human Resources for assistance. A teleworking agreement may be assigned or established by mutual agreement between a head of department and a member of staff.

For some jobs, other jobs or telecommuting may be required. .