Academic Background
Area of Interest
  • Embedded System Design
Technical Reports
  • Leelapatra, W. and Khunboa C., Interfacing Mechanical Scale to Microcomputer,
Technical Report, Khon Kaen University, 1996.

  • Leelapatra, W., A Microcomputer-based Station for Monitoring Weather Condition,
Technical Report, Khon Kaen University, 1997.

Contact Address
    Department of Computer Engineering
    Khon Kaen University
    Khon Kaen, Thailand 40002

Electronic Mail
    my email addr

Open Source and Linux Community 
Linux TLE logo

  • Ten good reasons for using Linux (Thai)
  • In case you are in doubt which Linux applications to use for getting your job done (Thai) (English)
Linux EDA Tools

Linux EDA Tools
Starting page for Linux Electronic Design Automation.

Allience CAD
A complete set of free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design.

GPL Electronic Design Automation
A project that produces full GPL'd suite of Electronic Design Automation tools.

Open Collector
Open source hardware resource, also carries listings and news for free EDA software and circuit designs.

A professional-quality tool for designing printed circuit board layouts.

A program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams.

Tool for VLSI layout editor.

Microcontroller Tools

GNU PIC Microcontroller Developing Tools
Tools related to developing of PIC microcontroller system.

GNU AVR Microcontroller Developing Tools
ANSI C Compiler for AVR microcontroller system. A good starting place is here

GNU 68HC11/12 Microcontroller Developing Tools
Tools related to developing of 68HC11/12 microcontroller system.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Linux/Microcontroller Project
A project that ports Linux to systems without a Memory Management Unit (MMU).

Realtime Linux
Linux for time-critical system control.
Misc. Linux

Commonly Used Console Commands
Some tasks work efficiently when they run at command prompt.

Linux SMP
For computation-intensive machine.

Linux Cluster Project

LaTeX (Thai Language Support)
The best known professional-quality publishing tool to scientific and engineering community.